Katadyn DRIP GRAVIDYN Waterfilter


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"** With activated carbon ** The ideal filter for groups, camps or huts, the 3 ceramic elements hold up to 150,000 liters (depending on the contamination of the water), 0.2 micron with filter elements, measuring gauge and cleaning pad.
Filter: ceramic with activated carbon granulate
Gravidyn's Gravityn Gravityn can effortlessly and without excess of the muscle itself produce larger amounts of water (recommended for up to 6 people). The design of the Gravidyn is ideal for stationary use in kitchens, tents, operating centers, mountain huts, etc.
The long service life of up to 150,000 liters is ideally suited for long-term use and crises.
Difference Gravidyn to Ceradyn
The Gravidyn has additional activated carbon granules in the filter cartridges and therefore also filters chemicals from the water, but above all the taste of the water is significantly improved.
BUT, once put into operation, the ceramic / active carbon elements have to be replaced after 6 months. The Gravidyn is thus more suitable for the short, intensive use, which then delivers better water.
The Ceradyn works without activated carbon. Can be put into operation again and again after use, including proper storage / drying of the ceramic elements.
For both, the ceramic retains up to 150,000 liters, depending on the water quality, and must be replaced if the gauge shows an insufficient wall thickness of the filter ceramic. When the active carbon elements are consumed in the gravidyn, one can then also retrofit the ceradiadne elements, since both are identical.
Mode of action
Removes bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, spores, sediments. Viruses in connection with particles from 0.2 micron size. Removes chemicals and improves taste.
Functional principle: The mini-pores of the filter ceramic (pore size: 0.2 micron = 0.0002 mm) are smaller than the mentioned microorganisms. These can not pass through the filter element because of their size and are removed from the water. In contrast to disposable filters, the ceramic can be cleaned several times - cleaning is also possible without problems on the road.
Technical specifications
»Capacity: Up to 4 liters / hour
»Service life: Up to 150,000 liters, depending on the degree of contamination of the water
»Weight: approx
»Measures: 25x45cm
»Material: ceramic, silicone
»Service life of active carbon element up to 6 months (when used)
»1x Katadyn Drip Gravidyn Water Filter (housing & filter element)


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Katadyn DRIP GRAVIDYN Waterfilter

Katadyn DRIP GRAVIDYN Waterfilter

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