Katadyn VARIO Waterfilter


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"Microfilter with easy handling and individual performance: can be operated with 2 or 3 filter stages, allowing either longer filter or faster flow to be achieved, ceramic / glass fiber / carbon filter for perfect cleaning Improves the taste of the water and reduces chemicals and pesticides.The bottom can be adapted and then fits directly onto drinking bottles or hydration systems or containers.
Katadyn VARIO - Fast small filter for individual performance
Small mobile water filter with easy handling and individual performance. Optionally, the Vario is operated with 2 or 3 filter stages and thus filter either longer or faster. In case of high water turbidity, the ceramic filter can be connected with a handle, thus increasing the service life of the glass fiber filter. Ceramics / glass fiber / carbon filters ensure perfect filtration of your drinking water. The two-way pump allows constant delivery with minimum effort. The interchangeable activated carbon additionally improves the taste of the drinking water and also reduces chemical substances and pesticides. The Vario fits most common outdoor water bottles, water bags and drinking bubbles.
Thanks to its low weight and individual and / or situational applications, the Vario is especially suited for mountaineering, hiking and trekking.
The Vario is the winner of the "Industry Award 2006" and the "ISPO Outdoor Award Summer 2006".
Mode of action
Removes bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, spores, sediments. Reduces bad taste, smell and chemicals. Pimpilter; Ceramic pre-filter, 0.3 micron glass-fiber membrane, interchangeable active carbon granulate
Technical specifications
»Capacity: Up to 2 liters / min (Faster Flow); Up to 1 liter / min. (Longer Life)
»Service life: Up to 2,000 liters, depending on the degree of contamination of the water
»Weight: approx. 425g
»Measures: 10x19cm
»Material: plastics, ceramics, glass fiber, activated carbon, silicone
»1x Katadyn VARIO water filter (housing and 3-way filter element)
»Plastic hose, pre-filter, bag


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Katadyn VARIO Waterfilter

Katadyn VARIO Waterfilter

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