SteriPEN 'Ultra' UV-Water-Desinfection


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*** The battery version with information display *** Portable UV light Water disinfector with rechargeable battery and infodisplay. SteriPEN Ultra uses ultraviolet light, which destroys the DNA of living microbes in seconds. Without intact DNA, the microbes can not multiply and thus do not make you sick anymore. Sterilize e.g. 0.5 liters raw water in 48 seconds. SteriPEN Classic UV water sterilizer removes 99.999% of the bacteria, e.g. Cholera, 99.99% of pathogenic viruses, 99.9% of protozoa, such as Giardia and cryptosporidia. UV lamp life is approximately 8,000 applications. 18.6 x 4.1 x 3.2 cm, 140 g
Up to 50 applications can be loaded. Rechargeable via any standard USB port, e.g. Computer, socket charger or solar charger. USB cable is included. Chargers not.
The infodisplay informs you about the current battery status, the disinfection progress and the UV life cycle.
SteriPEN UV water disinfectant Application:
The use of the SteriPEN water disinfectant with UV light is simple and fast: for e.g. 0.5 liters of raw water press the switch 2 x, for 1 liter of water 1 x. Activate the activated SteriPEN Ultra evenly in the raw water, so that the water stirs. Please use raw water as clean as possible and use the supplied pre-filter. The SteriPEN Ultra is maintenance-free and splash-proof. Please ensure you have adequate battery capacity and the correct duration of use of the SteriPEN Ultra.
Via attached USB cable the SteriPEN Ultra can recharge at any standard USB connection. These can be found on USB charging devices, solar charging devices or even on the computer and laptop.


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SteriPEN 'Ultra' UV-Water-Desinfection

SteriPEN 'Ultra' UV-Water-Desinfection

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