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Aquaventure A + B Waterdesinfection


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"Aquaventure Two-component water disinfectant against bacteria, protozoa / primal animals (including Cryptosporidium and Giardia), viruses, and organic chemicals Water."
2 components water disinfection
Aquaventure Two-component water disinfectant. Aquaventure is a 2% water-stabilized chlorine dioxide solution
Bacteria, protozoa / primates (including Cryptosporidium and Giardia), viruses, and organic chemicals.
Aquaventure has no aftertaste!
Package content: 2x30ml.
Sufficient for about 120L of water.
Aquaventure is harmless for pregnant women and people with thyroid problems, does not contain chlorine (bleach) or silver ions. The resulting byproduct sodium phosphate is harmless to health (15 mg / 1L water).
With Aquaventure, fruit and vegetables can also be sterilized - water from rivers, lakes, streams and of course also tap water.


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Aquaventure A + B Waterdesinfection

Aquaventure A + B Waterdesinfection

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