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Micropur Antichlorine MA 100F


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"** Neutralizes chlorine and gives the water its natural taste! ** Ideal for drinking and drinking water preparation with chlorinated tap water and as a supplement to Micropur Forte products 1ml = 10Liter drinking water.

Drops for chlorene neutralization

The practical solution for all consumers who have a (understandable) dislike of chlorine taste. For clear, chlorine-disinfected water that is safe but unpleasant. Harmless to health (the chlorine is converted to salt). Removes chlorine and no other odors. Ideal for beverage preparation with chlorinated tap water, e.g. Coffee from the hotel room coffee machine (US hotels).

Contains antichlor> neutralizes chlorine flavor. Highly effective sodium thiosulphate> works as early as 3 minutes. Easy to use> High user safety. Practical Fountain Pen> facilitates correct dosing. Small and practical packaging> finds space everywhere.

Note: Carefully use biocidal products. Always read the label and product information before use.

Active ingredients: Sodium thiosulfate 6%
Effect: Neutralizes chlorinated taste within 3 minutes (converts chlorine into food salt = NaCl)
Dosage: 3 to maximum 15 drops / liter (see reverse)
Safety: In case of contact with skin, eyes or clothing, rinse immediately with plenty of water
Storage: Store in closed original container, dry, cool and protected from light below 25 ° C. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN
Shelf life: 5 years

3 drops per liter of water. Leave in for 3 minutes. If the water still has a chlorine taste,
Repeat treatment. Dispense a maximum of 15 drops per liter of water.


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Micropur Antichlorine MA 100F

Micropur Antichlorine MA 100F

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