Seven OceanS Emergency Drinking Water [500ml]


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Seven OceanS® Emergency drinking water

Emergency drinking water of very high quality. A special advantage of the Seven OceanS drinking water reserve (emergency drinking water, emergency water) is its easy storage. The outer packaging of aluminum and PE withstands high mechanical loads. Multiple freezing and thawing does not harm drinking water quality.
Whether for car, caravan, escape bag, groceries, emergency supply - the application possibilities are diverse. The storage with drinking water is normally complex and not easy. With the Seven OceanS drinking water preservation from compact AS, however, you can do this in the simplest way. Drinking water storage is no longer a problem!

Scope of delivery: 1 bag with 2x 5x 50ml drinking water [= 500ml]

Drinking water as an emergency

The Seven OceanS drinking water reserve from manufacturer compact AS can be stored indefinitely. However, due to legal requirements, the minimum durability date is limited to 5 years. The Seven OceanS drinking water reserves are used worldwide in shipping and on oil rigs. The water comes from France and Switzerland, is filtered several times and has a pH value of 5.5 - 8.5. Seven OceanS drinking water has all international approvals.

Here you can see the international approvals:

Ready to eat / ready to drink

Brand / manufacturer: GC Rieber Comapct AS, N-5212, Softeland / Bergen, Norway
Packing size: 1 serving / 500ml
Filling weight: 2x 5x 50ml
Minimum shelf life: 10-2020


Water (drinking water), Certicil Combina (silver ions - 1g on 100L). No chlorine, neutral to the taste




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Seven OceanS Emergency Drinking Water [500ml]

Seven OceanS Emergency Drinking Water [500ml]

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