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Food Package -vegetarian- 7 Days "Bucket" [1Pers] by Emergency Food


Ready compilation of different vegetarian meals and muesli, bars and BP5 notration. Suitable as long-term foodstuff, 5 years durable. For preparation with hot water.

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Food package -vegetarian- 7-days" Bucket "

Ready compilation of different vegetarian meals and muesli, bars and BP5 notration. Suitable as long-term foodstuff, 5 years durable. For preparation with hot water.

Total energy provided approx. 11,025 calories, i.e. 1,575 calories per day.

The "bucket" food container consists of the most diverse combination of durable foodstuffs, but does not ignore the shelf life and the total energy quantity. We recommend to store 2 buckets per household per person. This also corresponds to the official recommendation of the Federal Office for Population Protection and Disaster Aid, which recommends a reserve for two weeks.


The meals, which have been preserved by means of freeze-drying, are packaged in a practical, because of a stackable plastic bucket, in aluminum composite bags and can be prepared directly in the packaging. This saves pots and dishes. Of course, you can also redistribute the bucket contents on car, escape bag (bag out bag) or months of the month without affecting the durability.

The food bucket bucket is delivered in a stackable bucket and can be stored for at least 5 years from production.

Shelf life indication Current batch, min: 09-2022.

Please note the manufacturer's durability certificate at the end of this page.

Weight: Ca.3,4kg,
Dimensions 29 x 24 x 21 cm

Content of the 7-day emergency bucket Bucket:

1x BP5 Wheat Bar Notration, 2020kCal
7x OrifO energy bars, each 204kCal
1x Vegetable Jambalaya, 626kCal
1x potato stew with fried onions, 639kCal
1x garden vegetables Sojarisotto, 620kCal
1x cous cous with vegetables, 604kCal
1x pasta in soy bolognese, 610kCal
1x Pasta Primavera, 600kCal
1x Chana Masala (chickpea stew), 602kCal
3x muesli Swiss style incl. Milk powder, each 505kCal
2x wholemeal fruit muesli, 569 kcal each


All meals which are part of the 7 day emergency bucket can be prepared in a few minutes with hot water directly in the bags. The filling quantities are indicated on the individual packages. Place the hot water in the bags, stir and let it rest for a few minutes. With a long spoon, the meals can be consumed directly from the pack.

The muesli can also be prepared with cold water. The wheat bar emergency ration BP5 and the energy bars are ready for consumption.

All in all, you do not need more than hot water. Spices, milk or other ingredients are not required.


Katadyn Germany GmbH, Hessenring 23, 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany


Wheat (gluten-containing cereal varieties or hybrid strains) and products derived therefrom
Milk (including lactose) and products derived therefrom
Celery and products thereof
Soybeans, soya egg whites and products thereof


The emergency food products should ideally be stored at room temperature or below. A cool and dry place in a cellar or storage room is best suited for the long-term storage of the freeze-dried / dehydrated foodstuffs. Temperatures above 30 degrees, severe frost and direct exposure to the sun should be avoided, as these factors may have an adverse effect on the packaging and food content.

Manufacturer's description "Emergency Food":

Emergency Food is a brand of Katadyn Deutschland GmbH (former Trekking Mahlzeiten) and is part of the Katadyn Group, headquartered in Switzerland, in addition to the brands Trek n Eat, Optimus, Peronin, Micropur and Katadyn. Katadyn Deutschland GmbH is also the manufacturer of the popular Trek n Eat Outdoormahlzeiten and uses all its experiences from the outdoor area now also for the brand Emergency Food. Production site is Mörfelden-Walldorf near Frankfurt / Main in Germany.

Excerpt of manufacturer's durability certificate:

"Our ALU-PE Trek'n Eat bags are nearly vacuumed and sealed under a protective atmosphere with a life-centered nitrogen, Biogon N. In 2015, we have again carried out residual oxygen tests which have shown that we have residual oxygen values, depending on the product of 3 -5%.

By this small amount of residual oxygen and the added nitrogen, the ingredients can not (chemically) react, oxidize or spoil. Thus the ingredients retain their nutritional value and freshness.

Please note that commercial products are also included in the packages we do not manufacture ourselves (Orifo Riegel, BP-WR / wheat bar). These products are partly subject to the trade agreement that foodstuffs which are durable for more than 18 months are provided / stamped in the food retail trade with a minimum of 2 years.

We guarantee that our long-term tests, which we carry out regularly with these products, also have a minimum shelf life of 5 years.

Storage Temperatures
It is best to store the freeze-dried, dehydrated food in a cool and dry place - at room temperature or lower. A cool and dry cellar is very suitable. Storage places with temperatures above 30 ° C, direct sunlight, excessive heat or
but also extreme frost should be avoided.
A shelf life of 5 years can be assured by following the instructions given.
(Please also inform us about our emergency food in cans, they still have one
higher shelf life of 15 years)
On the basis of the experience so far, a much longer durability is given. "


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Food Package -vegetarian- 7 Days "Bucket" [1Pers] by Emergency Food

Food Package -vegetarian- 7 Days "Bucket" [1Pers] by Emergency Food

Ready compilation of different vegetarian meals and muesli, bars and BP5 notration. Suitable as long-term foodstuff, 5 years durable. For preparation with hot water.

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