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Food Package 90 Days by Emergency Food


Completed assortment of different meals and muesli, bread and notation. Long-life food, min.15 years durable. For preparation with hot water. Total energy about 81,000 calories

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Product information "food package 90 days"

For one person, for 90 days. Ready compilation of various meals and cereals, bread and BP5 notration. Suitable as long-term foodstuff, 15 years durable. For preparation with hot water.

Total Energy Provided Approximately 81,000 calories, i.e. 900 calories per day.

The 12-month food package consists of the most diverse combination of durable foodstuffs, but does not ignore the shelf life and the total energy consumption. The civil protection authorities recommends the stocking for two weeks. With the food package 12 months of emergency food you have made optimal!

The meals, which have been preserved by means of freeze-drying, are vacuum-packed in preserves and are thus long-lasting and storable.

Scope of delivery: 1 package = 2 boxes at approx. 12 kg
Box dimensions: length 42 cm, width 32 cm, height 20 cm

Content of the 90 day food package:

Meals with meat:

Stroganoff, 750g, finished: 2.6kg, 1611kcal
Balkans Risotto, 625g, finished: 2.1kg, 1647kcal
Huntsman Hotpot, 600g, finished: 2,6kg, 1678kcal
Hungarian pot, 600g, ready: 2.6kg, 1660kcal
Chicken in curry, 750g, ready: 2,7kg, 1635kcal
Chili con Carne, 600g, ready: 2.1kg, 1486kcal

Meals without meat:

Noodles in tomato sauce, 580g, finished: 1,6kg, 1539kcal
Vegetable garden soy sauce, 700g, ready: 2.4kg, 1620kcal
Chana Masala, 625g, complete: 1.9kg, 1417kcal
Potato pot, 550g, finished: 2.3kg, 1865kcal
Pea pot, 700g, ready: 3.0kg, 1634kcal
Mashed potatoes, 1000g, ready: 6,0kg, 1521kcal
Scrambled eggs, 600g, ready: 1,5kg, 2476kcal
Forest mushroom Sojaragout, 600g, ready: 2,5kg, 1574kcal
Tomato soup, 700g, finished: 5.6kg, 1577kcal
Potato soup, 950g, finished: 11, 1477kcal
Broth, 1000g, ready: 59 liters, 598kcal

Breakfast, bread and notration:

Muesli "Swiss style", 600g, ready: 1,2kg, 1552kcal
Butter powder, 700g, ready: 0.7kg,, 3060kcal
Mousse au Chocolat, 750g, ready: 1,5kg, 1904kcal
Banana chips, 450g, ready: 0.5kg, 1362kcal
Whole grain bread, 24 x 500g, finished: 12.0kg, 18216kcal
BP-5, 10 x 500g, finished: 5.0kg, 22600kcal


Orange tea, 1000g, finished: 15 liters, 1688kcal
Lemon tea, 1000g, finished: 15 liters, 1688kcal
Whole milk powder, 650g, ready: 5.2 liters, 2077kcal


The products of Emergency Food are packaged in cans under a protective atmosphere (food-borne nitrogen, Biogen N) and are almost completely vacuumed. The manufacturer, Katadyn Deutschland GmbH, carried out a residual oxygen test last year and was able to detect residual oxygen values ​​of 0%. If you remove moisture and oxygen from a food, it can no longer react chemically, so do not spoil it any more. Foods retain their freshness and nutritional value. Covered by long-term tests, the manufacturer Katadyn Deutschland GmbH guarantees a minimum shelf life of 15 years from production.


Storage Instructions:
The emergency food products should ideally be stored at room temperature or below. A cool and dry place in a cellar or storage room is best suited for the long-term storage of the freeze-dried / dehydrated foodstuffs. Temperatures above 30 degrees, severe frost and direct exposure to the sun should be avoided, as these factors may have an adverse effect on the preservation and food content.
If the instructions for storage are observed, 15 years minimum durability is guaranteed. The experience even suggests a much longer durability.




All meals in the vacuum cans are quickly prepared with hot water. An appropriate pot or bowl is required for this. The milk powder and the muesli can also be prepared with cold water. The wheat distillation BP-5 and the bread are ready for consumption.


Muesli Swiss type: whole grain oat flakes, wheat crispy (wheat flour, cornstarch, sugar, salt), sugar, sultana, 6% milk powder, hazelnuts, glucose, glucafood®, apricots, apple pulp, maltodextrin, food salt, acidifier citric acid, vegetable fat.

Scrambled eggs: 39% egg powder, vegetable fat, milk powder, 3.5% onions, iodized salt, tomatoes, glucafood®, egg yolk powder, parsley, protein powder, milk sugar, natural flavor

Noodles in tomato sauce: noodles [(50%), hard wheat, egg white, salt], tomatoes (about 19%), soya egg white (about 14.3%), sugar, spices, onions, iodine. Dining room, mod. Corn starch, potato starch, vegetable fat hardened (with soya), spices, herbs, peppers, yeast extract.

Soybeans: rice, vegetables (approx. 12.5%), vegetable fat hardened [antioxidant E322 (soya)], mod. Starch, soya egg white (7%), cream powder, whole milk powder, milk sugar, mod. Cornstarch, carrots, celery, leeks, iodine. (Wheat, celery, celery, soy), seasoning, milk protein, yeast extract, sugar, caramel, spice, acidifier Citric acid, flavor enhancer Disodium guanylate and -inosinate, dextrose (wheat), dyestuff E160d, release agent E551

Stroganoff: 51% rice, 11% beef, maltodextrin, starch, vegetable fat, cream powder, tomato, seasoning, yeast extract, onion, sugar, mushroom, natural flavor (with celery), dextrose, beef extract, milk sugar, Sugar sweetener, thickener: guar gum, spice, acidifier: citric acid, yeast powder, soybean sauce (soybeans, wheat, food salt), caramel.

Hungarian pot: noodles [(50%), hard wheat, protein, salt], vegetable fat, beef (8%), starch, tomatoes, peppers (3.5%), onions, iodine. (With dye E150c and soya), seasoning, meat extract, milk sugar, spices, dextrose, release agent silica, dye ammonion sulfite sugar powder and paprikaoleoresin, thickener guar gum, maltodextrin.

BP-5: Roasted wheat (50%), vegetable fat (soy), sugar, vegetable protein


Wheat (gluten-containing cereal varieties or hybrid strains) and products derived therefrom
Milk (including lactose) and products derived therefrom
Celery and products thereof
Soybeans, soya egg whites and products derived therefrom
Nuts and peanuts


Katadyn Deutschland GmbH, Hessenring 23, 64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf, Deutschland

Manufacturer's description "Emergency Food":

Emergency Food is a brand of Katadyn Deutschland GmbH (former Trekking Mahlzeiten) and is part of the Katadyn Group, headquartered in Switzerland, in addition to the brands Trek n Eat, Optimus, Peronin, Micropur and Katadyn. Katadyn Deutschland GmbH is also the manufacturer of the popular Trek n Eat Outdoormahlzeiten and uses all its experiences from the outdoor area now also for the brand Emergency Food. Production site is Mörfelden-Walldorf near Frankfurt / Main in Germany.


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Food Package 90 Days by Emergency Food

Food Package 90 Days by Emergency Food

Completed assortment of different meals and muesli, bread and notation. Long-life food, min.15 years durable. For preparation with hot water. Total energy about 81,000 calories

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