Buyer protection and money back guarantee by TrustedShops (only available in Germany)

Your shopping at OutdoorFoodShop is automatically secured up to a maximum of 100 EUR by TrustedShops. We bear the costs for this, for you this security of your purchase is free of charge.
For the money-back guarantee, you can log on to us at the end of the ordering process uncomplicated and free of charge after every single purchase with us.
Likewise you can rate us as a shop and leave a comment for others visible.

Larger orders up to 20,000 EUR can be secured with a TrustedShops membership.
For more details on the protection of your purchase, please visit the TrustedShops GmbH website:

The OutdoorFoodShop has been certified by Trusted Shops since 2010 and offers you a legal purchase.
Our valid certificate and our customer ratings can be found here:

Trusted Shops is the trusted standard for online shops in Europe with the well-known seal of quality, customer reviews and customer protection.