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JimmyJoy - fast and healthy energy through the instant drinking meals Plenny Shake and Oat Bar Twenny Bar.

Complete supply and self-sufficient food without cooker and kitchen. Twenny Bar and Plenny Shake take over the supply gap in extreme situations.

Thanks to little sweetness, Plenny Shake can easily be consumed over longer periods of time.

Plenny Shake by Jimmy Joy

was originally developed as Future Food to provide a complete substitute to the traditional diet for the urban and perennially extreme performers and young urban professionals. Shopping, storing and cooking should be eliminated as time-consuming everyday problems. Plenny Shake has been provided with all the essential macro and micronutrients by Jimmy Joy to provide a full nutritional supply. 3 shakes a day should deliver all vital nutrients.

Now, if anyone from now on and everyday would like to eat only from drinking meals like Plenny Shake is in question, we would not. However, we are happy to use the benefits of drinking for our purposes, the self-sufficient off-civilization for outdoor active people and to cover supply gaps in crisis situations.

Not always transportation and situation for the usual outdoor kitchen are suitable or usable. At this point, drinking meals clearly show their advantages: Simple handling, storage and transport, super-fast preparation even without a cooker & Co., easy to eat, especially in extreme situations and / or lack of appetite in case of illness or altitude. The fact that Plenny Shake is not only a filler and satiety, but also provides all important vitamins, minerals and energy-supplying macronutrients is the necessary basis.

Restraint in taste intensity and sweetness make Plenny Shake a reliable source of food for longer periods of time and less ability to suffer.

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