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ADVENTURE MENU - Real Food To Go from Czech Republic.

AdventureMenu - these are Meal-Ready-To-Eat, ready-to-eat sterilized ready-to-eat meals from the Czech Republic. For the high-quality and delicious meals of AdventureMenu no addition of water is necessary. In the flameless heaterbag or in the water bath hot, one gets fast, delicious and yet expeditionproof high-quality food for the road and everywhere.

Launched in 2011, AdventureMenu has quickly become a name in the international four-wheel and expedition scene. The recipes look classic and yet refined. AdventureMenu attaches great importance to the high quality of the ingredients.

The meals of ADVENTURE MENU can be bought here in our online shop.

Adventure Menu Online shop

Quality of Ingredients - AdventureMenus Success Recipe
There is the principle "You are what you eat". The makers of AdventureMenu believe in this, and also that this principle applies especially to travel. AdventureMenu makes the Ready To Eat meals only from selected, local ingredients - does not use any artificial additives. This has a positive effect on the taste and also on the nutritional values. The body requires a regular supply of macro- and micro-nutrients at high loads. The meals of AdventureMenu are specially designed for this, providing a balanced diet with all necessary substances with increased physical activity.

Without color and preservatives
AdventureMenu uses only state-of-the-art kitchen technology to produce MRE (Meal ready To Eat). All meals are cooked according to traditional recipes, NO chemical dyes or artificial flavor enhancers are used. Through the sterilization, the delicious ready-to-eat meals of AdventureMenu reach a shelf life of three years from production.

Preparation of AdventureMenu meals
The meals of AdventureMenu have a minimum shelf life of 3 years from production. This can be achieved without the use of preservatives or technical additives. The secret of preservation is the sterilization of meals. These are subjected to a certain time at a temperature of 100 degrees, just so long that unwanted microorganisms are killed. Afterwards the meals are cooled down quickly, the vitamins and minerals in the food remain so. Thanks to this preservation process, not only the nutritional values, but also taste and appearance remain the same as in a freshly cooked meal. In addition to freeze drying, sterilization is the second optimal preservation of meals and food for outdoor and expedition use.

Flameless cooking
No time and desire to bite the camping stove? No possibility for open flames or a transport license for fuels? The AdventureMenu self-heating system offers a comfortable solution.
The AdventureMenu flameless cooker is a special bag, an oversized zip bag that can hold the meal and the heater and heat it up in about 12 minutes. The flameless heating works by means of a heater, a "heating capsule" which, after activation, reacts exothermically with a small amount of water due to the calcium oxide content, ie it self-heats itself and discharges it to the outside. Similar to the heaters of the other manufacturers, AdventureMenu reduces the waste in which the bag is reusable and only the calcium capsule is exchanged.

Adventure Menu Preparation

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