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Travellunch freeze dried food online shop

A wide range of freeze-dried meals from the brand Travellunch from the company Simpert Reiter from Augsburg, Germany can be found here in our Shop-By-Brand Travellunch at the OutdoorFoodShop.

Travellunch freeze dried food online shop

A wide range of freeze-dried ready-made pastries from the brand Travellunch from the company Simpert Reiter from Augsburg, Germany can be found here in our shop-by-brand Travellunch at the OutdoorFoodShop.
Travellunch includes the entire supply and offers items for breakfast, main meals and desserts. For this, milk powder, instant scrambled eggs, biscuits, sesame bars and soups round off the offer. 
The Travellunch ready-to-use packs are air, light and moisture-tight packaged under a protective atmosphere to achieve a minimum shelf life of 5 years from production. These freeze-dried ready-to-use meals can be prepared with hot water directly in the packaging and also consumed therefrom. In this case, the ready-to-serve meals do not need a real cooking time, but only have to "swell", which saves the fuel and fuel of your camping cooker. 
The Travellunch packs are approx. 20x25cm in size and so-called stand bottom bags, which means that they can stand by themselves (caution when filled with hot water!). The packaging is provided with a tear-open aid so that you can open the bag without tools. However, a ZIP closure is missing, with which you can close the bag. Rolling up the top edge or a clipped office clip can be useful if you want to close the package when it is pulled in hot water to reduce heat loss. 
To consume from the packaging of your Travellunch meal you need a long spoon or you cut off the upper half of the packaging after preparation. A normal spoon is enough. A second tear-off aid to minimize the packaging is missing at Travellunch. 
The preparation of the Travellunch meals is very easy, the steps are also shown on the packaging again. It is best to shake the contents well before opening the pack, so that the dry ingredients mix well before adding water. This facilitates the following stirring and protects against clumping. Then you open the Travellunch pack at the tear and fold the package slightly. Depending on the meal, the quantity of water required is 300 to 500 ml, which is also indicated on the pack. Then stir the contents well and, depending on the circumstances, close the package at the top to keep the heat as much as possible in the pack. At minuscels, self-built "pot-cosy" from remains of Isomatten & Co have proven themselves. These are trimmed and glued in such a way that a pack is positioned vertically and insulated to the outside. The meal should take about 5 to 10 minutes, then stir again and ready is your complete Travellunch meal. Good Appetite! 
All information on preparation, ingredients and above all the allergens are mentioned on the outside of the Travellunch packaging. 
Travellunch ready-to-serve foods deliver in about 350 to 550 calories per meal and are manufactured without preservatives. The prepared meal should therefore be consumed directly and not be lifted. The minimum durability specification always refers to the unopened packaging.
The Travellunch brand belongs to the company Simpert Reiter, which sits in Augsburg in Germany and also manufactures itself there. 

Typical meals and articles of Travellunch are e.g. Chili con carne, beef stroganoff, chicken in curry cream, jam with beef and noodles, fruit muesli, pasta napoli, and much more.

You can find the manufacturer page of Travellunch / Simpert Reiter GmbH here:

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items