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FREEZE DRIED FOOD and READY TO EAT MEALS for Outdoor, Trekking, Hiking and Camping

Whether an expedition or a journey - mountain, trip or trail - everyone who is self-sufficient in nature, the nutritional question will have to face sooner or later. In the OutdoorFoodShop you will find expedition food, dried food and instant ready-to-eat foods, which are ideal for self-sufficiency and as an emergency off the civilization.
Start your next outdoor activity in the OutdoorFoodShop and find your personal culinary companion!
Over 300 different meals outdoorfood and instant ingredients are waiting for you!


As mentioned at the outset, Outdoorfood or expedition food is always appropriate, if you have to provide yourself outside the civilization itself.
You go to the mountains? Are you active in mountain sports? Fine! Alpine Cross, Mountain Climbing, Mountaineering, Mountain Hiking, Bike Packing, Bouldering, Bushcraft, Ice Climbing, Extreme Climbing, Freeclimbing, Freeriding, Mountain Climbing, Climbing, Mountain Climbing, Mountain Carts, Mountain Scooter, Mountain Bike, Mountainboarding, MTB, Ski, Skifox, Ski Mountaineering, Snowpacking Activities that clearly demonstrate the benefits of outdooring. Or do you extend your next Nordic Walking trip? A small, own expedition will be made quickly from the day trip during hiking or hiking! You do not want to be hungry ...!
Then, for the sake of simplicity, you can use products with which pros can run to the North Pole or the South Pole!

Advantages of your freeze dried food:

  • Low WEIGHT
  • Easy STORAGE
You love the water, the sea, the ocean - in short water sports? Canoeing, canoeing, kiteboarding, kiting, kite surfing, paddling, regatta sailing, river tubing, riverboogie, sea kayak, sailing, diving, white water
- no matter if you come ashore, you will have HUNGER!
Why not benefit from the short preparation time for trekking meals?
And you stay on the water, well, in the galley, the easy preparation always plays a decisive role!
No matter where you are in the nature, you can go trekking, biking, whether you are a forest runner, a bushcrafter or a survival specialist, in a forest camp, camp, game camp, gas cooker or camp fire Other adventure - also benefit from the low weight of the expedition food and outdoorfood from the OutdoorFoodShop.
Geocaching in the Sahara? Paragliding in Paris? With GPS in the high rope course? With the offroad he in Canada? Orientation to Greenland? Cycling in Iceland? With the Slackline in Africa? Trekking over the Alps? Notration in the backpack? As a trapper on snow boots? Mountainbike Downhill in South America? There is actually no opportunity in the catering with outdoorfood would not fit.
Even freeze-dried fruits and outdoor smoothies in addition to provisions at a day trip pampered with taste and bring additional vitamins, not only at tent or hump tour. Use freeze-dried outdoorfood also to protect your family as a crisis crises, if the safe supply of food is not guaranteed.
And if you did not catch anything while fishing ... we also have outdoor food with fish! ;-)
Discover the diversity in the OutdoorFoodShop and use the many advantages of outdoor food and camping food for the basis of your self-sufficient catering!
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